Software Links

Post date: Nov 28, 2009 11:6:35 PM

DB2 Express-C - One of the long time SQL standard database servers that I had forgotten about from IBM.  Their free version of DB2 allows more capability of the base hardware than SQL Server Express from Microsoft.  It will use up to 2 dual core CPUs, 4GB or memory and no limit on database storage.  I really need to check out the current state of DB2.  This sounds very tempting to use as a base for a project I have in mind.

ubuntu - One of the many Linux distributions.  Easier to get setup and working than many of the other distributions.  This runs the file server for Odesta and makes an excellent client workstation OR Server for Ignition in a manufacturing environment.

MySQL - Open source database with several different storage engines available (MyISAM, Falcon, Berkeley DB, InnoDB, Maria and others).  Also see Wikipedia for a broad overview here.

SQL Server Express - Microsoft's SQL Server that is free to use.  There are some limitations, but provides a very capable starting point for many data collection and reporting projects for a manufacturing environment.  All the development that goes into a SQL Server Express solution can be easily migrated to the full version of SQL Server depending upon the end users needs.  This provides full support for Reporting Services, T-SQL stored procedures, Common Language Runtime stored procedures (VB.NET, C#.NET, etc.), structured/unstructured data, full support of triggers and numerous other features.  For a general overview of features see Wikipedia here.

openCRX - Open source customer relationship management software.  Very impressive product if you have the need for customer tracking and have been limited by some of the higher priced commercial solutions.  For a general overview of history see Wikipedia here.