Web launched HMI


Ignition is an industrial application server, used to create systems that cover the full spectrum between HMI, SCADA and MES. Its unique architecture enables rapid project development and deployment.

Key Features:


OPC-UA Module

An OPC-UA server with an open, pluggable driver system. Written in 100% pure Java, this module is completely cross-platform, delivering the full potential of OPC-UA. High performance is guaranteed by using a multi-threaded device model and non-blocking I/O, coupled with the highly efficient binary-tcp transport protocol.

SQL Bridge Module

Bridges the gap between OPC data and SQL databases. Transaction groups can be configured to achieve a virtually limitless number of tasks, such as data logging, PLC synchronization, downtime tracking, recipe management, and more. A highly efficient SQL-based tag historian makes storing tag history a snap.

Vision Module

Launches powerful Ignition Vision Clients anywhere on the network. Clients are configured through the drag-and-drop designer. Create everything from basic status and control screens to interactive charts and tables. Instant change deployment and automatic multi-screen resolution support ensure that you spend time on creative tasks, not tedious ones.