Networking Hardware

Post date: Nov 28, 2009 11:41:21 PM

Juniper Networks - Offers some impressive networking infrastructure equipment.  Many times it outperforms some better know brands (Cisco for example) at a much lower price point.  Odesta utilizes the SSG product to provide firewall, anti-virus, deep packet inspection and VPN access to protect our network.  These types of network appliances are also referred to as UTM (Universal Threat Management) Appliances.

SONICWALL - STAY AWAY FROM SONICWALL.  DELL HAS RUINED THEM!!!!!  Provides mainly UTM Appliances and SSL VPN Products.  Very cost effective for the small business and smaller enterprise market.  One of our favorite products is the TZ Series.  The TZ Series allows you to easily setup remote access to a site that has limited access to the internet by using a cellular modem.  The Verizon 3G network provides cost effective network access and reasonable speed to access control systems remotely.  It is also an option when the IT department is unwilling to allow a vendor remote VPN access to a control system network for support.  This solution can be deployed in a few hours.