Embedded Systems

Post date: Nov 29, 2009 2:59:29 PM

NetBurner - If you are thinking about an embedded system that moves data from a serial port to Ethernet or vice-versa you should look at these products.  They come with an excellent development environment that is based on the Eclipse IDE and real time OS based on microC/OS.  There are several books available about the OS, so the platform is well documented. The author of the books listed here is the person that actually wrote the original OS kernel.

Check this out!! NetBurner now has a GPS enabled network time server for around $300.  You will also need to purchase the external GPS antenna.  See this link

Rabbit - More expensive than NetBurner and the IDE is not as nice, but they have some unique solutions if they are needed.

Parallax - Good place to start if you have never worked with an embedded system.

Real Time Automation - If you need some code for a Netburner project to interface with an industrial network I would look at these guys.  They write efficient, easy to follow code and it is cost effective.  They may also be able to do your complete embedded project if needed.  They have some sharp embedded engineers.