Darren Ash - Principal Engineer

Over 20 years of experience that includes a balance of mechanical and industrial controls.  This broad experience has enabled unique and cost effective solutions for a wide range of manufacturing facilities.  The industries that solutions have been engineered for include foundries, paint/powder coating, industrial ovens, military, automotive assembly and process control for a whiskey distiller.

These solutions have covered a broad range of technologies that include:

Mechanical Solutions

Robotic Tooling Design, Bulk Material Handling, Hydraulics, HVAC Design, Heat Exchanger Selection, Chiller Selection, Piping Design For Chilled Water Systems, Control Valve Sizing and Selection, Overhead Conveyor Design, Dynamometers for Power-sports industry

Industrial Control Solutions

Database Design and Programming, Graphical Interface Design and Programming, Custom Batch Processing Systems (Shell Management Systems for Investment Casting, Batching/Blending for Whiskey Processing), Control System Updates for Equipment, Robot Programming (Fanuc TPP, Fanuc Karel, ABB RAPID), Process Control, Embedded Systems, Historical Data Collection and Reporting

All the solutions have been successful due to a close collaboration with the end user.  Darren has been able to successfully combine past experience with the process knowledge of the customer to deliver a complete solution and act as an extension of the customer's engineering/production team.

Professional Experience


Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering - Auburn University - Auburn, AL

Professional Affiliation

ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ISA - International Society of Automation

Registered Professional Engineer for the State of Alabama