Investment Casting Shell Management

Here are some features and benefits that Odesta feels is unique to our solution.
  • The number one item is that it is OPEN to the customer.  This means the database, visual interface and controls are open to YOUR engineering staff.  They can make changes, updates and improvements as your production/facility needs change.  Odesta is always available if your staff does not have time or feel comfortable modifying the system.  We are also more than happy to walk through the changes as they are being made so that the engineering staff will be more comfortable with the system in the future.
  • The system is designed for SCALABILITY.  This means it can be implemented for a single robot cell, all the way up to multiple cells and conveyors.  It can also be expanded as your foundry needs grow and change.  It also uses a central database so that there is one location for backup of the system parameters and history.  The future of the foundry is and has been for awhile, based on flexibility.  The system is designed with that in mind.  How do we help small to large investment casters remain flexible?
  • There is clear tiered pricing based on typical requirements.  The low end system starts with a 5 client license, uses SQL Server 2008 Express or MySQL and a basic Workstation class PC with RAID1 SATA hard drives.  From there you can move up to an unlimited client license, server class hardware and a more capable database server software (SQL Server Standard or Enterprise, ORACLE Standard or Enterprise, etc.).  If the customer has an existing database server in house we can host the data on the existing server.
  • By utilizing SQL Server it adds the capability of a very cost effective and well integrated Business Reporting solution.  This is available even with the lower end SQL Server Express.  For examples of capability look HERE.  Also notice that the report builder is available for no charge.  Your IT department can download and use it to edit existing reports or create new reports that better reflect your particular data needs.
  • Ability to integrate security with Microsoft Active Directory so that your users only have to remember their network login.
  • Control system expandability.  The control system is very scalable depending on the customers needs.  There is one system that expands from a few hundred I/O points to thousands.  It also supports many different communication architectures: EtherNet/IP (see HERE for information), DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Modbus TCP,  BACnet, LonWorks, etc.
  • Support for multiple client and server operating systems.  The software is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Since the system is open to your engineering staff you can bring on other other areas of your foundry as well.  There are no licensing limits based on tags, screens or clients (minimal up charge for no client limits).
  • Optional notification services.  This adds the capability to send text pages, e-mails, update Andons with OEE data, perform automatic FTP file transfers to older legacy systems, and many other options.  The configuration for these services are also completely open to the customer and uses a graphical interface for configuration. Some examples would be collect process data from wax presses, autoclaves, burnout furnaces, heat treating furnaces, collect data from your power monitors, etc.  Odesta can provide engineering services and project management if your engineering staff needs assistance in getting started with a project of this type.
  • Since the base system has Ethernet capabilities in the control system, Odesta also offers remote site support agreements.  We are able to diagnose most common issues remotely.  We can supply a Wireless Cellular based VPN that will not require any access to your corporate network if needed for complete security.
Contact us today if you would be interested in upgrading from your existing shell management system to one with unlimited possibilities.  Check back as we add screen shots and other details of the system.